Microsoft demos new Lumia ringtones for regions including China, India, and Southern Africa

Microsoft demos new Lumia ringtones for regions including China, India, and Southern Africa

Microsoft’s Principal Sound Designer Henry Daw has taken it to Microsoft's Lumia Conversation blog to talk about the "Sounds of the World" project, where Microsoft travels to different regions to create new regional ringtones for new Windows Phone handsets, like the recently unveiled and Microsoft-branded Lumia 535. Here is what Microsoft had to say on the Lumia Conversations blog:

"The Sounds of the World project was conceived almost a year to the day. In the twelve months that have followed, Henry Daw and his team have visited four continents, met more than 150 music students and shortlisted 20 ringtones that would ultimately make up the brand new regional ringtone set of the Lumia 535, the first Microsoft-branded LumiaThe regional ringtone offering includes ringtones that have been created specifically for certain regions, including China, India, and Southern Africa."

Henry took his idea globally and set up workshops and seminars with music schools in various locations, including The South African College of Music, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the KM Music Conservatory in India. Henry's goal? Make authentic music for Microsoft devices.

“Localisation is a key thing for our team and Lumia devices. We’ll continue to support local music cultures within our global tone list, but also react to trends and user preferences outside of Europe and the west. We’re acutely aware of being respectful. As a Westerner, what sounds good to me might not sound good in other parts of the world. This is where working with the local students really helped us.”

We highly recommend heading over to the VIA link below to read more about Henry and his team, and the challenges they faced about making these ringtones sound good on a Windows Phone device. In the mean time, you can check out the selection of ringtones above. Which one do you like?

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