Here’s what a touch-optimized Office for Windows 10 looks like (video)

by Email Twitter: fahdriyami Nov 6th, 2014 in News

Microsoft demonstrates a touch-optimized Office for Windows 10 on video

Following the release of Office for Android tablets and the updates for Office for iPhone and iPad, Microsoft has today demonstrated what the touch-optimized Office for Windows 10 looks like with both a screenshot (above) and better yet, a video demo.

The video is fairly brief at 50 seconds so it’s not very comprehensive but it does demonstrate a working Office for Windows 10 running on a Surface Pro 3. The user interface is very minimalistic and resembles what Office Mobile currently looks like on iOS and Android. Additionally, the video shows off some of the swiping gestures that can be used to navigate slides in PowerPoint or a document in Word. Popup menus also seem large and easy to press for fingers of all sizes.

Windows 10 is expected to be released in the latter half of 2015 with the new Office launching roughly the same time if not alongside Microsoft’s operating system. We should see Office for Windows 10 be available first for the PC before making its way to phones.

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