Microsoft demonstrates SkyDrive on Windows 8

Microsoft is offering a quick little peak at how SkyDrive will be tightly integrated into the company's upcoming operating system, Windows 8. Using SkyDrive within Windows 8, users can upload and download their content with ease.

SkyDrive will be tightly integrated into Windows 8 requiring users to sign up for a Windows Live account if they don't already have one. Utalizing a Metro styled interface, SkyDrive will be faster and smoother giving easy access to content.

SkyDrive will also allow Windows 8 users to save and sync certain applications and Windows settings across multiple PCs. Microsoft tried to demonstrate this feature during the Build developer conference between a PC and a WP7 device, but was unsuccessful.

Microsoft plans on offering an unlimited amount of space to store photos and Office docs, but will restrict users to 25GB of space for other types of files. In the Live category, Windows 8 will also feature Windows Live basket, which includes Live Mail, Live Mesh, Live Writer, and Live Messenger.

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