Microsoft demonstrates Augmented Projectors

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Nov 1st, 2011 inNews

Microsoft has been showing off a load of futuristic projects that the company are currently at work with this week, which has been created a lot of discussion on technology websites. Today, Microsoft has released a new video, demonstrating the possibility of Augmented Projectors.

The Microsoft Research group have been at work on a new project which allows the possibility of Augmented Projectors. These projectors can understand the environment they are placed in, and could allow someone to use hand gestures to draw or navigate a power point.

The projectors can also picture real life images and and place them in the virtual remodelled room. Steve Clayton, who writes for Next at Microsoft says that these projectors could be used in the future at stores across the world, it could allow people to see what certain objects could look like in their home.

Microsoft Research have been announcing many different futuristic projects the last couple of weeks, the company expects technology like this to be available in at least 20 years! You can watch a video below demonstrating the futuristic Projectors:

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