Microsoft debuts “Discover Microsoft Lumia” video series to the public


It becomes quite easy, living in the tech bubble, to forget that there is a world of people out there for whom the concept of a ‘smart’ phone is still quite new.

For many, downloading an app or digging into the finer details of their device is besides the point, they simple want something that works. Yet, in this quest for simplicity, it is easy to overlook useful features that might otherwise provide a great deal of utility.

Enter Microsoft’s new series of ‘Discover Microsoft Lumia’ videos, intended both to show off the capabilities of the Lumia line to newcomers, while also providing something of a refresher course for Windows Phone veterans. Here’s a look at the first in the series, on how to chat and text easily:

In total, there are 10 separate videos, each dealing with a different topic and coming in at under a minute long. In order they are: “Chat and text easily“, “Work on the go“, “See updates at a glance“, “Play my music“, “Get turn by turn directions“, “Take pictures like a pro“, “Search for anything“, “Make and handle calls easily“, “Manage my data usage” and “Test drive an app”.

Though the series is UK-centric, this is still worth a view, you may even learn a thing or two.

Which was your favorite video? Let us know in the comments below.

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