Microsoft to cut Windows Phone 7 prices down by half

Microsoft is expecting the price to make a mobile phone based on their mobile operating system to be halved of the amount it takes to make one today. By 2012, it could be less than $200 to make a smartphone.

Microsoft's Windows Phone head Any Lees has reported that he expects the prices that it currently is to make a smartphone which runs the Windows Phone 7 operating system to be cut down by half. Currently, making a Windows Phone device costs usually around $220, Andy Lees thinks that price will drop in 2012 to under $200.

In 2010, it took Microsoft $400 to make a Windows Phone, so the prices have dropped since last year. Any Lees says: "We are supporting componentry that will allow us to go below $200." Qualcomm will be the exclusive maker of Windows Phone 7 processors, according to Any Lees.

HTC and Samsung are planning to release a Windows Phone 7 mango smartphone, specifically designed around the Mango update. Nokia is yet to announce a Mango smartphone.

What are your thoughts? Is it a good thing that smartphones are becoming cheaper to make? Leave your thoughts below!

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