Microsoft creates Windows 8 protocol for Windows Store app listing page

Microsoft has posted a new blog entry for developers detailing the process of linking an app to the app’s listing page in the Windows Store by using a Windows 8 protocol. This will make things easier and allow for more traffic to that app.

“Linking to your app’s listing page from outside the Windows Store puts you in control of driving even more traffic to your app. It also provides a more complete set of information to users, allowing them to make an informed acquisition,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft has registered a Windows 8 protocol for the Windows Store that allows for direct launching to an app’s listing page, useful for those who are on Windows 8 and want to be directed to the app listing page.

“For example, after checking a web browser user agent string for “Windows NT 6.2,” or when you are communicating with the user via a Metro style app, you’ll know your users are on Windows 8, so you can apply this protocol. Currently, up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox support Windows 8 protocols,” Microsoft adds.

App developers can use the following protocol link by appending the Package Family Name of the app to the URL: “ms-windows-store:PDP?PFN=”

Just recently, Microsoft detailed its Windows Store app submission process for Windows 8 apps. The company went over the process of creating apps, listing them in the Store, and keeping track of how the apps are doing as well as updating them over time.

Read the full blog post for further details.

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