Microsoft boosts employee health with Zipongo pilot program

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Microsoft boosts employee health with Zipongo pilot program

Microsoft is looking to help their employees eat healthier with the help of a special pilot program created with the Zipongo phone app, available for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. The Zipongo pilot program is taking place at Microsoft’s City Center office in Bellevue, Washington. If successful, Microsoft plans to run the program company-wide.   

Eating well can be more helpful than exercise in terms of cutting the risks of heart disease and high cholesterol which can lead to early death. According to the World Heart Federation (WHF), people who eat food that is low in saturated fats, added with fruits and vegetables experience 73% lower chance of cardiac-related incidents.

According to Microsoft chief health strategy officer, Dr Dennis Schmuland, Zipongo:

“Takes the guesswork out of eating healthy with food and recipe recommendations that are personalized for each individual. Think of Zipongo like a personal health coach who is available 24/7, here to help us eat healthier. After taking the app’s online food and diet questionnaire, Zipongo will serve up healthy and delicious recipe options, as well as lunch recommendations in the Microsoft cafeteria based on diet preferences and allergy restrictions. Zipongo will also set up tailored meal plans, help make a shopping list, and show the latest deals and discounts at neighboring grocery stores.”

Microsoft boosts employee health with Zipongo pilot program

While Zipongo has an app on Android and iOS, only special features work on Windows Phone 8.1:

  • Scheduling recipes and meals directly in Outlook calendar;
  • Sharing recipes via OneNote;
  • Receiving location-based notifications before meals, providing the healthiest personalized menu options, and their location in Microsoft’s cafeteria (only currently available for Microsoft employees at the City Center office)
  • Saving recipes to a Favorites list.

So, if the Microsoft pilot program is a success, it may soon be implemented company-wide to all Microsoft employees. Future use of the Zipongo app may help customers find the best aisle in grocery stores for the healthiest products. Give the Zipongo Windows Phone app a try in the download link below.

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