Microsoft creates 1ms lag touchscreen device, lag is no more

The Microsoft Research labs have today revealed a new project that attempts to reduce touchscreen latency to a mere 1ms. This is a huge jump to the standard latency for touchscreen on tablets, which is normally set at 100ms. A video demonstrates just how much of an improvement this is to the touchscreen world.

When using a tablet, or a touchscreen device, have you ever noticed the slight lag when drawing an image or moving down a webpage quickly? Well it's there, and it happens to every touchscreen device you own. Today, Microsoft is out to stop that, in a new video from the Microsoft Research team, the company revealed a new 1ms lag touchscreen device, removing any noticeable delay.

Most touchscreens have a 100ms delay, which can be very noticeable when moving your finger across the screen quickly, a 1ms lag touchscreen will reduce the lag so much that it isn't even noticeable. It is like "finger painting" for real!

There currently isn't a device on the market that supports a 1ms touchscreen, but with the technology definitely existing, it shouldn't be long before we start seeing Windows 8 devices with it.

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