Microsoft has created a unique and personalized summary highlighting your Xbox stats

After having an Xbox for some period of time, it’s easy to feel like you’re a part of the Xbox family – a group of friends all brought together by the hobby that they love – playing games, watching movies, taking part in the discussion on Reddit, and anything else that makes the community stronger. If you’re like the most diehard and passionate members of this family, then you’ll take a great pride and interest in all of the time you’ve spent, either alone or with friends, enjoying the best games that Xbox has to offer.

This year, Major Nelson has shared with us a program that takes that pride and concentrates it into something we can look at and fawn over for a while. The Xbox year in review is now available for anyone interested in checking out a retrospective of their time with Xbox in 2015, and it’s a fairly interesting collection of statistics for people who are at all curious.

The Xbox year in review is a collection of statistics that tells you what your most played game is, how many hours you’ve put into it, how much Gamerscore you’ve earned, what percentage of the community you fall into in various categories, and much more. On top of that, it also tells you a few statistics about what your friends have been up to, and what the community as a whole has been doing. It’s the ultimate culmination of your past year with Xbox, and it has a unique way of getting you excited for the next year. It

If you’re passionate about Xbox and its community, the Xbox year in review is the perfect recipe for nostalgia. It’s absolutely worth taking a moment to check out.

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What statistic were you most proud of on your year in review?