Microsoft in court over sex scandal and excessive drinking

We can’t go a week without hearing about Microsoft being sued over something. This time, Microsoft is facing allegations of excessive drinking and sexual harassment because of its former UK chief Simon Negus.

From what the allegations state, Negus (50 years old and married) was fired in 2010 after he allegedly kissed a co-worker at a company party in Atlanta and then lied about it when Microsoft conducted an investigation. Negus was also accused of “flirting [with] and touching” that co-worker, Toni Knowlson. Negus also asked another co-worker to “flutter her eyelashes.” On top of all that, Negus also asked another woman, Martina Redmond, to stand on a chair so that he could admire her short skirt.

Microsoft fired Negus, but was unable to prove the sexual harassment allegations. Negus was demanded to pay back £75,000 of the £225,000 ‘golden hello’ payment he had received when he joined. Negus is now sueing Microsoft claiming that he needs 15 years worth of earnings that he lost, harassment, and wrongful dismissal.

Negus also accused his former boss, Gordon Frazer, for getting him fired and fostering a “culture of debauchery” at Microsoft. Negus alleges that “drunkenness and outrageous misbehaviour were rife” during an annual company sales conference. “The alcohol made freely available in unlimited quantities included neat vodka which could be drunk from an ice fountain, and a very strong German liquor called Jagermeister,” Negus stated.

Microsoft refused to offer a comment regarding these allegations.

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