Microsoft could name Windows 8.2 ‘Windows 9’ if 8.1 is received poorly

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If you asked a regular consumer their thoughts on Windows 8, they’d probably turn around and say things like ‘Rubbish’, why? Because everyone else says it. The same happened with Windows Vista. While Windows Vista was indeed troublesome in the beginning, Service Pack 2 changed that, but as Windows Vista was already named the worst OS, there was no saving the sinking ship.

Some could say Windows 8 is in the same boat, many aren’t happy with it, many are naming it the new Vista. Windows 8.1 will hopefully point things in the right direction, but there’s a high chance its too late. If so, Microsoft could do what they did with the successor of Windows Vista, name 8.2 something new. Instead of building on an OS that’s already been dubbed horrible. Microsoft may be planning to name Windows 8.2 ‘Windows 9’ if Windows 8.1 is received poorly by consumers.

“If Windows 8 ends up perceived by the general public more positively than it is currently, Blue’s successor may end up as an 8.X release; if it doesn’t, Microsoft could end up going with Windows 9 just to distance itself from Windows 8.” Mary Jo Foley states.

It’s a good idea, as Microsoft have done something similar before. Windows 7 was built on the foundation of Windows Vista, but since Microsoft named it Windows 7, it encouraged consumers to give it another go, and they were happy. If Microsoft name Windows 8.2 ‘Windows 9’, it could persuade them to give Windows another try.

Of course, Microsoft may not even be planning to name the successor of Windows 8.1 ‘Windows 8.2’, we’ll have to wait and see. What do you think? Leave your thoughts below!

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