Microsoft contributes $50K to study Seattle-Vancouver BC high speed rail

Kit McDonald

The plans to build a high-speed train that stretches between Seattle, WA to Vancouver, BC are still very much alive and kicking. So much so that Microsoft has supplemented $50,000 to the cause (via Geekwire).

Last year’s first Cascadia Innovation Corridor conference revealed an interest to stretch a train that would connect the two locations, driving from Seattle to Vancouver in less than an hour, and return similarly. While it hasn’t been in the forefront, Brad Smith and other Microsoft representatives assured that Washington is still studying the potential structure.

“Last year we came together as a region to build something that we simply can’t create apart: an innovation corridor to create more opportunity and prosperity on both sides of the border,” Microsoft President Brad Smith said. “By linking our two cities together through cross-border collaboration, research, funding and educational opportunities, we will spur new economic activity and opportunity that creates a better future for everyone.”

It’s not out of character for Microsoft to support sharing resources across borders, even when it comes to technologically advanced transportation. Whether or not the studies come to fruition anytime soon remains to be seen.