Microsoft continues to slam the MacBook in latest Surface ads

There's no doubt that a chief competitor to Microsoft's Surface line of hybrid Windows 10 devices is Apple's MacBook, and the Redmond company's latest Surface ads provide ample evidence of this perspective. Two new ads were released on Microsoft's Surface YouTube channel that highlight some of the advantages of 2-in-1s over traditional notebooks.

The first ad highlights "The Power of Touch," with the recent lame-themed background music playing. The video also covers the "lower res" and "kinda plain" nature of MacBooks (things that Apple might be resolving at some point with a MacBook refresh).

The second ad focuses on the Surface line's detachable keyboard. Turn off your sound if you want to save your ears.

We're glad to see Microsoft putting some heat on Apple with ads like this, which tend to highlight the advantages not just of the Surface line but of all Windows 10 hybrids as well. Let us know in the comments if you think focusing on the MacBook is a good marketing tactic.

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