Microsoft continues to advertise the Surface, new banner appears in Chicago

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Microsoft, while still keeping details close to its chest, are currently advertising the new Microsoft Surface tablet that's expected to launch in less then a month. This time, a banner in Chicago has appeared, again with the "Click In" tagline. What could Microsoft be up to?

Microsoft continues to advertise the surface, new banner appears in chicago - onmsft. Com - october 2, 2012

The company have been advertising the Microsoft Surface for a little while now, as hundreds of Surface advertisements have been placed all across the US. Amazingly, Microsoft still haven't revealed much about the Surface, and it's set to launch in less than a month.

We also have no details on the "Click In" tagline appearing on all these adverts, click in could refer to the Click sound that the Surface makes when you connect it to a Touch Cover.

Microsoft is set to launch the Surface on October 26 2012, which is now less than a month away. The product will launch alongside Windows 8 and Windows RT.

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