Microsoft is consolidating its Lumia branded social media accounts

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A few months ago, Microsoft  finally confirmed that the company is selling its feature phone division to a subsidiary of Foxconn. Now, and in what may be a sign of the times, Microsoft is making some noticable changes to its Lumia branded social media accounts (via Windows Central.)

The changes were first mentioned on the @LumiaUS Twitter handle, which mentioned that it now moving over to the main Lumia handle. Additionally, according to Windows Central, the same situation is happening on the Microsoft Lumia Facebook page, which published a post stating,

This Facebook page will shortly be renamed. Don't worry, you don't need to do anything and you'll still be able to get all the latest news, updates and insights right here. This is all to make it easier for you to be part of our international, larger, Microsoft family.

Tweets from the other international Twitter accounts for Lumia stopped coming on on June 30th. Together with this latest set of news, this only further confirms the fact that Microsoft does in fact appear to be unifying together all Lumia under one.  Social media or no social media, we would still love to hear your thoughts on this, and what it may mean for the future of Windows Phone, so be sure to drop us a comment below.

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