Microsoft consolidates its OneNote education resources in new dedicated website

Microsoft consolidates its onenote education resources in new dedicated website

Since the introduction of OneNote for Teachers late last year, the note management tool witnessed exponential growth in the classroom, certainly a lot more than Microsoft anticipated. The website was dedicated to providing teachers with the OneNote know-how to take full advantage of the program in the classroom. Now, Microsoft is expanding the site to better accommodate interested educators.

Originally dedicated to teachers only, Microsoft has renamed the site to ‘OneNote in Education’, and has expanded its resources to benefit not only teachers, but students and school administrators as well. The new site provides a range of video and interactive guides on how to use OneNote to its full potential. Microsoft will also merge info related to the OneNote Class Notebook in addition to the OneNote Staff Notebook to the new site, practically making it the one-stop location for everything related to OneNote within an education context, hence the fitting new name.

Microsoft consolidates its onenote education resources in new dedicated website

OneNote has seen great success in the classroom over the last few months, and we’ve covered news and a few case studies of how the program benefits certain educational institutions. You can read all about it on our sites’ OneNote and Education sections. OneNote has recently become a completely free application to download on every major platform out there including Windows, Windows Phone, Mac, iOS and Android, and you can download the app now via their respective app stores.

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