Microsoft confirms updated Bing search experience in Windows Phone 8

Bing search results in WP8

Yesterday, we learned that Microsoft had apparently rolled out an updated design for Windows Phone 8’s built-in Bing search results. This is a bit interesting since Microsoft usually rolls out interface changes or other improved features during official software updates.

While many users are reporting they have not had this “redesign” appear on their Windows Phone 8 devices, some users are reporting that they do have this change. Microsoft has issed a statement confirming that this redesigned experience is rolling out over the next coming weeks.

“We can confirm that people will now see a refreshed experience when they use Bing on Windows Phone 8. The updated experience is rolling out gradually and will be available globally on all Windows Phone 8 devices in the coming weeks,” Microsoft stated.

In the past, Windows Phone 8’s search results displayed four categories. You had Web, Local, Media, and Shopping. According to a new report, this has now been condensed to Web, Images, and Video. The Images category now displays larger image previews instead of the small grid we are so unfortunately used to seeing. Videos are now arranged in a two-column format.

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