Microsoft confirms they’re working with Snapchat to bring it to Windows 10 Mobile, coming ”soon”

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If you thought that there was no chance of Snapchat coming to Microsoft’s mobile platform, you may be in for a big surprise. The Spanish division of Lumia Support, operated by Microsoft, has responded to a tweet that the company is currently in talks with Snapchat and working to bring the popular temporary photo messaging app to the Windows Store.

Whilst the tweets are in Spanish, Rodolfo enquires about why he is unable to find Snapchat in the Store. In response, Lumia Support says that the app will reach Windows Phone “soon” and that they are “already working with our friends at Snapchat to bring [the app] it as soon as possible”.

Direct message to Lumia Support
Direct message to Lumia Support

Further to this, direct messages to Lumia Support resulted in a similar response, with them explaining that things are looking “positive” and “everything is on a roll”, and reiterating that it will be available soon: “soon you will be able to enjoy the app”.

A Snapchat app has never been available for Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile, although, a few third-party apps have popped up from time-to-time, however, users using them have regularly ended up having their accounts suspended for using third-party applications.

Petitions for the app being made available on the platform have surfaced at various times, with one being made recently.

Could this be the app that Rudy Huyn said he is working on, but couldn’t provide further details?

Until we hear more from Microsoft or Snapchat, take this news with a grain of salt, as no senior figure in either company has announced they are in talks, but it would make sense for Microsoft to be communicating with Snapchat and these responses look to be legitimate, providing fairly specific details.

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