Microsoft confirms Outlook for Windows RT, will arrive with the Windows 8.1 Preview

Outlook RT (not official)

Microsoft has finally confirmed what everyone has wanted. Outlook for Windows RT will be making it's debut along with the Windows 8.1 Preview in June. This is great news for everyone, as the Mail app on Windows RT is rather lacklustre when it comes to functionality. Outlook for Windows RT will function just like it does in the regular version, which means it will act like a Desktop app along with Word, PowerPoint and other Office RT programs.

It was originally rumoured that Outlook for Windows RT wasn't to make its debut until 2014. It's possible that Microsoft decided to speed up the release cycle for Outlook for Windows RT. What's interesting, is that Outlook for Windows RT has been around for a long time in a working order, being tested inside and outside Microsoft walls. It's interesting to wonder why the company have kept Outlook for Windows RT quiet for so long, especially since it was one of the most requested features for Windows RT to have.

Outlook for Windows RT is expected to make it's debut in preview form along with the Windows RT 8.1 Preview which is set to drop on June 26 for all RT devices.

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