Microsoft to compile the Windows 8 RTM sometime this week?

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Jul 29th, 2012 inNews

Microsoft recently said that they were aiming to complete Windows 8 and compile the final RTM build in the first week of August. That week is almost upon us, will Microsoft keep to their word? Rumours have been suggesting that the RTM is almost complete, but those details cannot be confirmed.

If the RTM is compiled this week, then we can probably expect to see the ISO on TechNet/MSDN in either mid or late August. A leak *may* occur before then. As stated above, rumours have been suggesting that Microsoft are already done with Windows 8, those rumours somewhat got squashed when it was announced that another build had been compiled, then hours later, people were saying that the new build was in-fact Windows 9.

It’s all a little bit sketchy at the moment, we aren’t expecting to hear anything about Windows 8 until at least Monday.

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