Microsoft compares the iPad Air to the Surface 2, guess who loses?


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Microsoft compares the iPad Air to the Surface 2, guess who loses?

Microsoft has rolled out two new videos showcasing the Surface 2 tablet, which was released in October. In the videos, Microsoft compares the Surface 2 to the Apple iPad Air. Guess who wins and who loses in these videos? If you guessed the iPad Air loses, you were right.

Just a few hours ago, Microsoft rolled out a controversial Scroogled video bashing Google’s Chromebook laptop. Now, the company is at it again with two new videos showcasing why the Surface 2 is better than the Apple iPad Air.

“It is officially the holiday season and we know that many of you are in the middle of deciding which devices to purchase for family, friends, and yourselves. As you consider the alternatives, you should think about what you want to do on your tablet. Surface is designed and built for people who want to do more and be productive on a tablet,” Microsoft’s Dale Perrigo stated in an official blog post.

In the first video, Microsoft shows you why the Surface 2 is better than the iPad Air in the kitchen – of all places. Thanks to the integrated kickstand and hands-free technology, you can check out recipes and other food-related tasks without getting your tablet messy. In the second video, Microsoft goes over how you can use multiple user accounts with the Surface – which isn’t possible with the iPad Air.

“Whether you’re cooking your favorite holiday meal or letting your kids play on Surface on their own user account while you’re traveling, Surface has been created to be the one device for everything in your life. These videos show you how Surface offers you the mobility of a tablet with the capabilities of a laptop so that you can feel good about doing more,” Perrigo explains.

We’ve embedded both videos below for your viewing pleasure. Check them out and let us know who wins – in your opinion.