Microsoft to Co-develop Cloud Products With Chinese OS Firm -
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Microsoft to Co-develop Cloud Products With Chinese OS Firm

Microsoft has announced a partnership with a Chinese operating system developer to create cloud computing products for China's market. Microsoft is hoping that this move would help open the door to emerging markets.

The company, China Standard Software, is known for its development of a Linux operating system with a defense lab. The operating system, known as "NeoKylin", is a home-made operating system used by government offices, national defense, energy, and other sectors of the Chinese economy. The intent of this operating system is to reduce China's dependence on imported operating systems.

The partnership with China Standard Software involves the two companies to build products based on Microsoft's Hyper-V Open Cloud platform. The products would work with China Standard's NeoKylin Linux Server operating system.

Microsoft and China will both develop and sell private and public cloud computing products. Microsoft also hopes to make NeoKylin inter-operable with Microsoft's Hyper-V Cloud architecture.

Microsoft hopes to use this cooperative effort with China to introduce similar cloud-computing projects to other emerging markets.

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