Microsoft Classroom and School Data Sync introduced as Previews

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Microsoft has always had a particular focus on empowering educators. But over the past year with Office 365 and Office 2016, there have been some new innovations in their education apps and services. Microsoft began highlighting online classrooms with OneNote Class Notebooks. They also unveiled Microsoft Classroom earlier this year.

Today, Microsoft opened up the preview for any schools' IT admins to try out Microsoft Classroom and School Data Sync.

Screenshot of Microsoft Classroom via Microsoft Office Blogs
Screenshot of microsoft classroom via microsoft office blogs

Microsoft Classroom is a homepage for educators to manage their classes, class sections, grades, and collaborate with other teachers. The homepage is connected to all of a school's Office 365 Eduction apps (like OneNote Class Notebooks) and helps educators manage the workflows of their classes and their student's assignments.

A diagram of how SDS works via Microsoft Office Blogs
A diagram of how sds works via microsoft office blogs

Microsoft describes their School Data Sync (SDS) as "the easiest way to provision online classrooms in Office 365 Education." SDS helps educators create and manage online classes and then connect that data with virtually any other third-party apps or databases schools might rely on.

The preview is open now and IT admins can sign up here. And if admins act quickly to sign up they can take advantage of a free offer for one-on-one help directly from Microsoft.

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