Microsoft clarifies what the new Teams Pro service plan implies for existing customers

Microsoft recently indicated on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center that it’s introducing a new Teams Pro service plan in mid-March. The company announced that the service plan will add webinar capabilities and meeting intelligence capabilities to Teams. However, the message didn’t make it clear if these Teams Pro capabilities will be free or paid add-ons.

In a recent update posted to the message center, the company has now clarified that Teams Pro is an addition to existing service plans, and there will be no additional costs associated with enabling the new features and capabilities (via ZDNet). The new service plan will be enabled for all users by default, and it will be available to organizations with Microsoft 365 and Office 365 education and business subscriptions.

“On Feb. 9, we published an MC post regarding a new Teams Pro service plan. To clarify, there is no change to existing product licenses with the addition of this new service plan. Rather, the service plan will be added automatically to Microsoft 365 and Office 365 E5/E3/A5/A3, and Microsoft 365 Business Standard/Business Premium licenses, and will enable users who are licensed for these SKUs to automatically receive capabilities rolling out to Teams in the near future,” the message reads.

In addition, the company noted that Office 365 Admins will be able to manually turn Teams Pro on or off for specific users. For Teams users whose accounts are enabled for this Teams Pro service plan will be able to use the webinar registration capabilities and more released in future updates.

“There is no action required by admins, and no additional purchase is necessary for Microsoft 365 and Office 365 E5/E3/A5/A3 and Microsoft 365 Business Standard/Business Premium licensed users to acquire the new Teams capabilities that will be part of the Teams Pro service plan,” the company added.

As a reminder, it’s not the first time that Microsoft is making new functionality available to specific users in an organization through Teams. The company has already tested this approach with license Teams users who want to access the Dataverse application in Teams. It should make it easier for organizations to control access to some new and complicated features in their tenant.

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