Microsoft claims Windows 10 is "the most secure Windows ever"

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Hot on the heels of yesterday’s “10 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10” promo video about “multi-doing” Microsoft has released another video to showcase the security benefits of Windows 10. As Windows Insiders will already know, Windows 10 brings with it several security features. If you’re not an Insider check out the list below to see what it has to offer:
Windows Hello – Sometimes security features add more hassle but this does quite the opposite. Instead of remembering a myriad of passwords now Windows 10 can log in and access private data using fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and even iris scanning.
SmartScreen – This is the first line of defense against online phishing attacks and sites that try to steal identities and personal data. Using a cloud based reputation system, SmartScreen assesses websites and even software for potential threats.
Windows Defender – This constantly updated stalwart of the OS protects computers from malware. Using a cloud service it leverages data from one billion devices to detect and eliminate malware quickly.
Family features – With Windows 10, when an account is assigned to a child, it brings further safety features. These family features will block adult websites, control how long a child uses a device, block inappropriate apps and games, and deliver activity reports to the parent. Soon Microsoft will add the ability for parents to control the purchases made under a child account. Finally, if the child is signed in with a Microsoft account their settings will roam across devices.
Of course, Windows Update will always be updating the OS in the background to protect the user from future threats.
In the past, Windows has had a reputation of being insecure. With its large user base it is perhaps more attractive to hackers than other operating systems. However, this latest version of the OS is a huge break from the past and as outlined above, Windows 10 will use the size of its user base as a security advantage through the cloud. Hopefully, these features really will make it “the most secure Windows ever.” Watch the video below.

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