Microsoft challenges national security letter regarding request for user data and wins

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Microsoft challenges national security letter regarding request for user data and wins

Microsoft has a strong stance towards government agencies that request consumer data. In fact, Microsoft was recently awarded with top honors in trying to protect consumers when it comes to government surveillance. In an official blog post today, Microsoft has shed light on a recent FBI national security letter, in which the company challenged and ultimately won.

"On Thursday, a federal court in Seattle unsealed documents related to an FBI National Security Letter that Microsoft successfully challenged in court late last year. This marks an important and successful step to protect Microsoft's enterprise customers regarding government surveillance," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

The letter requested subscriber information about an enterprise customer's account. The letter also included a nondisclosure provision, which meant Microsoft had to remain silent about the request, which goes against Microsoft's commitment in notifying users of government requests.

"We concluded that the nondisclosure provision was unlawful and violated our Constitutional right to free expression. It did so by hindering our practice of notifying enterprise customers when we receive legal orders related to their data. After we filed this challenge in Federal Court in Seattle, the FBI withdrew its Letter," Microsoft added.

This particular case just goes to show you that Microsoft is indeed committed to protecting its users' privacy, especially when it comes to government data requests. 

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