Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: Windows 8 is the best version of Windows ever built

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took a business trip to Europe and Israel last week to showcase Microsoft’s new wave of products, such as Windows 8, Surface RT, and Windows Phone 8. Ballmer spoke to customers, developers, and students, and mentioned that the company is moving into a whole new era.

Ballmer spoke to students in Moscow, a few tech-startups in Israel, customers in London, developers in Berlin, and partners in Paris. Ballmer emphasized the personal experiences one can attain with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. “For us this is a time of reimagination, innovation, rebirth, and I think the opportunity is quite large,” Ballmer stated. Ballmer even mentioned that Windows 8 is the “best version of Windows ever built.” Ballmer continued speaking about how Windows 8 had a much faster and personalized experience for customers. “It is the fastest, it turns on the quickest, it uses the least amount of memory; in any sense for the over 1 billion people on the planet who use PCs today, Windows 8 will let you have the best PC experience ever made,” Ballmer adds. Do you agree?

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