Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella set to speak at Dell World 2015

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Microsoft and Dell do seem to be hitting it off lately with the latter tapped (along with HP) to sell the Surface Pro 3 to enterprise customers. Also, Dell appears to be on the verge of releasing a Surface clone in the XPS 12 with Microsoft's blessing. As if to cement the relationship between the two partners, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadellla will be speaking on stage at Dell World 2015.
The yearly conference takes place in Austin, Texas from Oct 20-22, and it's a place where the hardware maker showcases new products coming down the track, many of which will be Windows 10 devices. As with most tech companies these days, Dell will go all in with its announcement. While many conferences end with a special guest speaker or musical act, Apple's recent event saw OneRepublic on stage, Dell has snagged Grammy award winner John Mayer to be its musical guest.
Nadella will share the main stage with Dell Chairman and CEO, Michael Dell and also Alexis Ohanian, who is co-founder of Reddit. Reddit is another company that Microsoft has a close relationship with. Reddit is a stage where Microsoft often hangs out; where you'll find the likes of Bill Gates doing an "Ask Me Anything" or the Surface team answering the questions from an eager audience.
Dell has been stepping up its game recently with the release of devices like the XPS 13 or the Venue 8 Pro. It will be interesting to see what it comes out with next and if the leaked XPS 12 gets officially announced. More importantly, could Nadellas stage appearance reveal a deeper partnership than we have already publicly seen?
October is going to be a busy month for Microsoft and Nadella in particular. Not only will Nadella be speaking at Dell World 2015, but earlier in the month, on Oct. 6, he will be on stage in New York City. Nadella's New York City appearance will have him there to help reveal a host of hardware developed by Microsoft, hardware that will shape Microsoft's overall strategy for the next year.

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