Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella pulls in $20 million annual salary by acing performance reviews

Dave W. Shanahan

Satya Nadella

This year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made a little over $20 million (USD), including cash and stock options. As reported by Business Insider, Nadella got an exceptional performance review at the end of Microsoft’s fiscal year. The complete breakdown of Nadella’s annual pay is available in Microsoft’s annual shareholder proxy filing.

Approximately half of Nadella’s pay was given to him based on his annual performance review, based on three key areas; Product & Strategy, Customers & Stakeholders, and Culture & Organizational leadership. Nadella earned a bonus of $7,032,406 on top of his $1,450,000 base salary as Microsoft CEO. Nadella received well over a 100% rating in each area.

While Nadella was praised for his work on Azure and Office 365, Nadella was marked down for the 2% decline in Surface revenue in 2016, as well as the low market share with Microsoft’s Edge browser. In addition to pay, Nadella also received $11,434,557 worth of Microsoft stock, and $97,189 in miscellaneous pay, matching his charitable donations. Nadella’s pay with stock options amounts to $20,014,152.

2016 marked Nadella’s best year as Microsoft CEO. Last year, he received a total of $17,692,031 at the end of the 2015 fiscal year.