Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella offers his thoughts on Apple and Google, ‘they’ve done a great job’

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella offers his thoughts about Apple and Google

Earlier this year, Satya Nadella became the third CEO of the software giant, and has been focusing on ways to improve the services offered by the company, resulting in improved productivity through their cloud-first, mobile-first approach. The executive even introduced Office for iPad and Android, to boost the presence of the company’s products on rival operating systems. Under his tenure, Microsoft also completed the $7.2 billion Nokia acquisition, introduced their own Microsoft Lumia branding which is expected to see the light of the day tomorrow.

Recently, Mr. Nadella offered his views about two of the company’s biggest rivals, Apple and Google, at the company’s campus in Redmond. Here’s what the executive had to say:

“When I think about what Apple does, what Google does and what Microsoft does, therein lies perhaps the simplest answer to why these three identities are actually pretty distinct. To me Apple’s very, very clear, and, in fact, I think Tim Cook did a great job of even describing that very recently where he said they sell devices and that’s what Apple is all about. And Google is about being, it’s about data or it’s about advertising, it is about serving you ads in a tasteful way, and they’ve done a great job of that business.”

Apple has seen impressive growth, and posted record financial results this year. The company even broke their previous records for the launch weekend sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which amounted to ten million units. As for Google, it’s not just their advertising, but they’ve managed to be the top contender in the search engine market as well. It’s not just the rivals, the executive also shared some thoughts about the software giant.

“Whereas in our case our identity really is about empowering others to build products. It’s not really about us and our products. Of course, we have a revenue model and a business model, but to me the place where Microsoft can be distinct and where it comes naturally to us more so than anything else is from the creator of a document to a developer writing an app, to anyone else who is in the business of actually their own creation we want to be the tools provider, the platform provider. That’s the core identity, and productivity to me that’s why it has deep meaning.”

As said before, Microsoft is focusing a lot on its cloud services, offering the Office productivity Suite on other platforms, improvements in the company’s cloud platform Azure, and a lot more. 

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