Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discusses chat bots at the FinTech Ideas Festival

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft first talked at length about chat bots back during Build 2016, where they showed off some pretty impressive technology. While most of the presentation there had to do with chat bot integration with programs like Skype – for instance, ordering a pizza through a text chat client. According to Satya Nadella, however, chat bot technology goes beyond your Saturday night cheesy cravings.

At the FinTech Ideas Festival, Nadella points to several examples of chat bot technology being used successfully already.With permission from Microsoft, massive companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are using this machine learning technology for any number of uses. Beyond these giants, Nadella says that “We have pilots going on with many many customers.” He also noted that Uber is using Microsoft technology to help with driver safety, and insurance companies are doing plenty of work with it as well.

Microsoft’s chat bot technology is something that’s only going to blossom over time and is yet another avenue of technology converging towards the next big step in artificial intelligence. Until we make that leap, though, we can at least be content with a few advancements in machine learning – and some of that delicious Skype pizza.