Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discloses plans for new cricket stadium in Seattle

Priya Walia

During a field interview at the Major League Cricket (MLC) championship match, Satya Nadella, the Co-owner of the Seattle Orcas and CEO of Microsoft, revealed his aspirations of establishing a Cricket stadium in Washington state.

Furthermore, Nadella expressed gratitude towards the cricket-playing nations and diaspora residing in Redmond and Seattle and communicated his anticipation in welcoming MLC to the future Seattle stadium.

Current State of Cricket in Washington

Currently, Washington’s cricket scenario is restricted to the Northwest Cricket League at Marymoor Park in Redmond. The park serves as the home field for three cricket teams — Microsoft Blues, Greens, and Crimsons.

Concerning the new stadium, Nadella optimistically said, “We will have one (stadium in Seattle).”

The announcement has undoubtedly piqued the interest of cricket enthusiasts, not only in Washington but around the country.

Thanks to all the cricket-playing nations and diaspora in Redmond and Seattle. We will have people, and we’re looking forward to having a stadium that we can host all of you guys (MLC) next time around, said the CEO.

Future Projection of Cricket in the U.S.

The MLC championships have recorded significant success in locations such as Texas and North Carolina, with sold-out stadiums becoming a common sight throughout the tournament. The envisioned stadium could bring similar professional cricket excitement to the populace of King County.

The U.S. is the sports market of the world, and it’s fantastic to see cricket come here. Obviously, the diaspora will contribute, but I hope there is a local interest in it,” Nadella said.

Building a full-fledged cricket stadium would revolutionize the sports infrastructure in the heart of Washington, specifically Seattle. Locals and the diaspora could indulge their love for the sport, marking a significant milestone for the popularity and acceptance of cricket in the United States.

Nadella’s statement has undeniably roused excitement amongst cricket lovers. As they await the realization of this new venture, one thing remains certain – the purview of professional cricket in America is set to widen. The citizens of Washington State can look forward to witnessing the charm and thrill of professional cricket up close and personal.

At the time of publication, precise details about the stadium’s location, size, and construction timeline remain undisclosed. However, given the influential stature of the Seattle Orcas co-owner, his promise signifies a real possibility for the residents of Washington. A new chapter in American cricket history could soon unfold in the heart of Seattle.

Via Federal Way Mirror