Microsoft celebrates the one year anniversary of the IE10 Browser You Loved to Hate campaign


It has been a year already since Microsoft launched the “Browser You Loved to Hate” campaign, which features Internet Explorer’s comeback, so to speak. Now, Microsoft is celebrating the one year anniversary of the campaign and revealed that there are over 25 million total video views worldwide to date.

“It has been incredibly exciting to see such strong engagement and support from web browser enthusiasts and others over the past year with The Browser You Loved to Hate campaign. With over 25 million total video views worldwide to date, we know we struck a chord with you. Whether you were simply entertained or began to question your assumptions about Internet Explorer, we are happy to entertain and help people learn that something’s changed with IE,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

The whole point of the campaign was to “reintroduce” Internet Explorer to the masses, especially to those who were not happy using Internet Explorer of the past or for someone who has been using Firefox or Chrome. This campaign was intended to promote Internet Explorer 10. Microsoft expected the campaign to be “fun” and hopes it made you give Internet Explorer a second chance.

Take a look at some of the videos from the campaign below. The first one is titled “Do you know this guy?” and the second video is titled “Presenting the new Karaoke Web Standard.”

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