Microsoft celebrates Mark Vella, the Lumia Instagramer of the Month

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To show just how strong the Lumia can be when it comes to offering up good pictures, Microsoft had people vote on their favorite of five different Lumia photographers on instagram (a service which should have a universal app coming relatively soon.) This “Instagramer of the month” showed several amazing pieces of photography, capturing everything from the vastness of the ocean to the simple majesty of a single butterfly, all captured through the camera of a Lumia device.
In the end, the people voted for Mark Vella (@Mark_Oranje) to be the best of the five talented photographers. Microsoft interviewed Mark, having him offer up on the Microsoft blog some of his tips for people trying to do their best work on Instagram. He also went over his Lumia device, and what it is that he liked about it.
Mark owns the Lumia 920, a phone that he appreciates despite its relatively old age. Three years after its release, he claims to love the curved glass, the overall design, and “even the two little screws located on the bottom of the device.” Apart from the design of the device itself, Mark also is a fan of the live tile system that makes up its operating system’s user interface.
For the shutterbugs out there, Mark then went in-depth trying to give some more advice on how to make the best photographs possible. In his advice, Mark claims that the most important three factors for a photographer are timing, composition, and editing. Going so far as to talk about how one should take photos during a sunset (commonly referred to as the “Golden Hour,”) Mark goes in depth with his interest in the finer points of photography, and gives plenty of truly helpful advice to those who share his hobby.
This was a highly interesting initiative from Microsoft, as it presented to us all some beautiful photos to look at, and exposed us to some artists we may not have known prior. It seems to be one of the many building blocks that Microsoft has created in the name of social media engagement. Hopefully, they continue to offer up more of these contests – if for no other reason than to show us some beautiful photos.

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