Microsoft employees celebrate equality as same-sex marriage becomes legal throughout the US

Microsoft celebrates employees' Pride worldwide

Today is a tremendous day, as the United States Supreme Court passed a bill that allowed two people of the same sex to marry. This is great, as everyone the right to be with the person they truly love, regardless of whether the person they love is the same sex. This calls for celebration for many, something even Microsoft is doing. 

Meet Clark Ly, a release manager for the Global Games Publishing Group, where he helps developers and publishers get their video games published on Xbox Platform. Clark joined Microsoft approximately eight years ago. He was a female lesbian at the time he joined Microsoft. He told his manager about his transition to becoming a male and loved that he was accepted for who he really was. During that time, he recalled: 

"People came to my office and gave me hugs. I got a number of high-fives. It was not the response I was expecting – not to that level. It was fantastic." 

This story, coupled with recent events, has inspired Microsoft to celebrate. Clark will be joining hundreds of other Microsoft colleagues in marching at the Seattle Pride Parade. Employees will also join other Pride marches this weekend in places such as Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and the United Kingdom. 

Microsoft says that their celebrations are part of their global effort to provide diversity and inclusion -- making Microsoft a desirable place for LGBT people to work. Dan Bross who is the executive co-sponsor of Microsoft's LGBT Employee Resource Group, says worldwide festivities are a way to "join hands together in an expression of Pride, inclusiveness, acceptance and diversity. We are marching to celebrate our victories, and as a reminder of the work to be done."

Clark, who appreciates the fact that Microsoft offers transgender services coverage, says that the transition was very scary, but has lead him to feeling accepted and supported at Microsoft. He says, 

"Now that I can be myself, I’m not projecting anything other than me, and that is so much nicer because I don’t have that fear of being found out. Being able to be who I am at Microsoft is wonderful … I’m the happiest I’ve ever been." 

Remember, whether you are gay, bisexual or transgender, you are just like anyone else. Even large companies like Microsoft agree in equality.  If you'd like to read more of the story, you can find it at Microsoft's Jobs Blog.

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