Microsoft celebrates 5 years of Minecraft: Pocket Edition by looking to the future

Minecraft Pocket Edition Ender Update
by Email Twitter: Dec 1st, 2016 inNews

Originally released by indie developers Mojang AB in 2011, Minecraft: Pocket Edition made its debut on Google Play for mobile devices. Now, the more compact form of the company’s hit Java title is celebrating its 5th anniversary.

It was only a few weeks ago that Microsoft and Mojang teased the Ender Update coming to Pocket Edition and Windows 10. Now they’ve released a trailer saying that the update is “coming soon”.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition now has over 40 million players across Android, iOS, Kindle, Fire TV, Gear VR, and Windows Phone. Over the last five years, the team has added witches, pig riding, the Wither, Redstone, and many other updates culminating in the anniversary release of the 1.0 Ender Update across Pocket Edition and Windows 10.

Anyone experienced with The End knows what’s to come, but players on the mobile version will be on the edge of their seats anxious to slay the Ender Dragon and explore the large-scale End Cities. With new blocks, mobs, and even a glider to traverse through the expanded 256-block height limit, there’s a lot waiting for you.

Beyond adding the third and final dimension to the game, the Ender Update will introduce some special features, including:

  • World Seed Library to easily find worlds with specific filters that will be populated officially.
  • Chily biomes with polar bears and igloos
  • Original soundtrack as an optional download
  • Support for Oculus Touch input

Fans will be happy to know that even though they’ll fight the Ender Dragon, the 1.0 update isn’t the end for PE. It’s just one step closer to full feature parity between these editions and its original Java version.

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