Microsoft celebrates 3rd anniversary of IE Test Drive site, has received over 130 million page views

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IE Test Drive

Microsoft is celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the company’s IE Test Drive website, which showcases HTML5, touch, and hardware accelerated graphics. IE Test Drive has seen over 130 million page views and contains over 140 demos!

“Saturday marked the third anniversary of the IE Test Drive site. What started as a few examples of hardware-accelerated HTML5 to help developers imagine the potential of the web, has grown to a collection of over 140 feature-packed demos,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. The IE Test Drive website showcases the capabilities of HTML5, CSS3, ECMAScript 5, touch, GPU-powered graphics, blazing performance, audio/video, mobile, games, and more on modern browsers using modern hardware. Microsoft continues to tout Internet Explorer 10 as the best browser that delivers the best performance for real world websites. Using Test Drive, IE10 users can see that for themselves.

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