Microsoft ‘carefully considers user happiness’ when selecting Bing homepage images

WinBeta Bing

Microsoft takes pride in its search engine, constantly providing updates and tweaks to the service, even going as far as adding a visually beautiful image on the Bing homepage on a daily basis. These images are not random as one may think. They are carefully selected.

As users of, we see these cool homepage images that are visually stunning. We gaze at them for a few seconds (or minutes), perhaps interact with them a little, and then move on. But Microsoft does not simply select random images to display. Nope. These images are carefully selected by a team who values your happiness.

“The editorial team behind choosing the image carefully considers user happiness in every selection they make, working to maximize the surprise and delight we can get by simply taking a moment to explore our world visually,” Microsoft stated in an official Bing blog post.

Microsoft points out that these beautiful high-res daily homepage images are a “source of momentary delight” for those who search on These homepage images are an attempt by the software giant to create a search platform that surprises and delights consistently. Take that Google Search!

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