Microsoft reportedly cancels its 3D Touch based Windows Phone codenamed McLaren

Hammad Saleem


Things are heating up at the software giant recently. The company laid off 18,000 employees (which will take place over the next 18 months), making it the biggest layoff in their history. It didn’t end there. Microsoft even halted development of the Nokia X handsets, and even killed the Asha and S40 lineup. According to a new report, Microsoft is canceling the development of the rumored 3D Touch smartphone codenamed McLaren.

The device first popped up in the rumor mill as Goldfinger, later to be recognized under the McLaren moniker when @evleaks detailed the upcoming roadmap of the device Microsoft plans to launch in the coming months. It doesn’t mean that Microsoft has given up on the technology. Chances are its not going to make its way to consumers this year, if the report is correct.

Nonetheless, Microsoft still has a number of handsets in the pipeline — codenames Tesla, Superman, Rock, and more — which are expected to land in the coming months. But, none of them appears to be a flagship device as of now. 

Stephen Elop did say yesterday that Microsoft is going to focus more on Windows Phone handsets, and will release both low-end and high-end devices in the coming months. Let’s hope there are a few high-end devices planned for the coming quarter as other OEMs are gearing up to unleash their flagship devices in the market.