Microsoft buys business software maker Prodiance

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Microsoft has announced that it is buying a California based company that develops enterprise risk management (ERM) software, Prodiance. Microsoft plans on using the acquisition to enhance its Office productivity suite.

As Seattle PI reports, Microsoft is buying business software maker Prodiance for an unknown amount. Prodiance already works with Microsoft as a partner. Microsoft plans on including Prodiance technology into Office and SharePoint for enahnced security and control in spreadsheets and databases.

This would be a great asset to Microsoft as enterprises and home users would benefit from the enhanced security to Office documents.

According to the FAQ page for Prodiance customers, the acquisition has three major benefits.

"Microsoft is committed to delivering more value within Office and plans to integrate the technologies into future versions of Office. Customers will benefit from: 1) Increased efficiency through automated risk assessment, 2) Provide policies enforcements, and continuous monitoring and control of end-user documents, 3) Increased security of critical business information."

"The acquisition of Prodiance enables deeper integration of compliance-related solutions into future versions of Office and SharePoint," said the Senior Product Manager for Office, Albert Chew.

Microsoft does not plan on changing its service for customers who already have contracts with Prodiance. However, once the contracts expire, things might be different.

Visit this link for the FAQ

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