Microsoft to build 3 data centers in India by 2015 to bolster cloud adoption in the country

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Microsoft to build 3 data centers in india by 2015 to bolster cloud adoption in the country

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at an event in New Delhi announced today that the company will be building data centers in India to offer commercial cloud services - Azure and Office 365. The company believes that by having local data centers, it will be able to lower the latency, geo redundancy, and eventually accelerate the cloud adoption in the country.

"Last year, our cloud business in India grew over 100 percent. Buoyed by that success we have now decided to offer cloud services from local data centres. This will help us make global infrastructure and make that available to local data centres. Microsoft's locally available cloud services will open opportunities for banking, financial services, and insurance companies, state-owned enterprises and government departments."

Microsoft plans to set up 3 data centers in the country in three different cities in India by the end of next year. "Microsoft is deeply committed to helping people and organisations thrive in our mobile-first and cloud-first world — that's why we are proud to offer our commercial cloud services through datacenters in India.", said Nadella.

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