Microsoft brings cross-device controls to Android with Project Rome expansion

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft has been pushing the idea of a unified operating system for a very long time – and that philosophy extends to their approach on just about everything else. Take, for instance, Project Rome. The project was built with the idea that users should be able to take their experience in an app and seamlessly transition to another device, all without having to re-learn the interface.

Rome is something that has a whole lot of potential to make the lives of developers easier, so it’s a good thing that it’s come to Android for those developers to dig into. The Project Rome Android SDK was announced in a blog post recently, and it’s ready to go for the developers who want to give it a shot.

The blog post contains a ton of code snippets for you to read over if you’re interested in digging into all of the technical details that will teach you how Rome ticks. If you’re looking to grab the Project Rome SDK for yourself so you can get to developing, you can pick it up on GitHub. Like everything on GitHub, this is open source – feel free to add onto it as you like.