App version numbers are coming back to Microsoft Store listings in Windows 10 & 11

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Store

Sometimes, Microsoft likes to not only add new features but also them them take away. One of those features that went missing on the app listings in Microsoft Store on Windows 11 and Windows 10 is the app version numbers. Yet, it turns out that this is coming back soon, according to a report from Deskmodder.

In the current preview version of the Microsoft Store, app version numbers can now be found under the Additional Info section of an app listing. This is only on the Windows 11 Beta and Dev Channel version, however. Additionally, in our tests, we only see the version numbers in apps that we already have installed, and not on apps that have yet to be installed. This is a change from the public (non-beta) store version which only lists the publisher, size, languages, release date, category, and app permissions or terms for a given app in the Additional Info section.

As usual, once Microsoft finishes beta testing this feature with Windows Insiders, you can expect it to roll out to everyone else in a future Microsoft Store update. It is a small feature, to say the least, but it does help tracking app version numbers a lot easier, without having to install the app first and then going to a menu to find out.