Microsoft brings Azure to new cloud regions in Germany, Office 365, Dynamics to come

Microsoft announced today that was bringing the Azure platform to its new cloud datacenter regions in Germany. The software giant currently has four cloud regions in Germany which are part of 54 regions worldwide, more than any other cloud provider.

In addition to Azure, these new cloud regions in Germany will also offer Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Power platform with data residency within the country. The new regions with German-specific compliance, including Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue (C5) attestation, and will remove barriers so in-country companies "can benefit from the latest solutions such as containers, IoT, and AI,” the company explained today.

Microsoft already has some high-profile customers for its cloud services in Germany, including Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Arvata Systems, and SAP. With these new cloud regions in the country, the company should be able to help even more local business looking for a trusted partner to accomplish their digital transformation.

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