Microsoft breaks, then fixes equalizer on Windows 10 Mobile

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Microsoft's latest update to the built-in Audio app last week reportedly broke the built-in Equalizer for many Lumia 950 and 950 XL owners. Microsoft has pushed out another update today to solve the problem.
The update is specifically listed for the Equalizer, and not for Audio, which suggests that the former has some outdated parts that conflicted with the new code. Windows Central reports that Equalizer seems to work fine after the update, whereas before it would crash repeatedly.
A quick recap: Equalizer is a built-in system app in Windows 10 Mobile that lets you change sound mode to accommodate specific types of music. There are several presets including Classical, Acoustic, Bass Boost and so on, and users can add one customized sound mode, through an intuitive graphical interface. The app also contains a toggle for virtual surround sound with headphones. To reach the app, simply go to the Extra section of Windows 10 Mobile Settings.

"display" with no caption. Oh the OCD.
Side note: "display" with no caption. Oh the OCD.

Choose your windows 10 mobile equalizer sound mode.
Choose your sound mode.

These kinds of problems are just small nicks, but they still hampers the user experience on Windows 10 Mobile, and shows that Microsoft still has a ways to go before their operating system is on parity with the competitors. Given that it has explicitly delayed the release of Windows 10 Mobile on Windows mobile devices other than its latest flagships, it seems the point is well understood; nevertheless, we are looking forward to a polished Windows 10 experience on phones in the new year.

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