Microsoft begins Xbox One internal beta testing, prepping for launch in November

Xbox One Dashboard

The Xbox One has been in development for many years and to further test the console for launch later this year, Microsoft have began internal beta testing of the console. Internal beta testing means employees at Microsoft get to take home the prototype console and test it as if it was the final product. Putting it through its paces, watching TV, playing games and so on.

This information comes as Xbox announced a spec bump for the GPU from 800MHZ to 853MHZ. Along with this news, Xbox also revealed that they had implemented a new graphics driver, which is 100% optimized for the Xbox One.

Those lucky Microsoft employees who get to have an Xbox One in their home will be testing the console and working closely with the Xbox development team, preparing the console for launch in November. Recent news revealed that the development team at Xbox were almost finished with the Xbox OS, which means current internal beta testers are still testing pre-release software.

Microsoft is set to launch the Xbox One console in November of this year for $499. Have you pre-ordered yours yet? Or are you more of a PlayStation gamer?

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