Microsoft begins Xbox LIVE Update Preview console registrations

Microsoft is beginning to register consoles which are signed up to the Xbox LIVE Update Preview. Users have been instructed to enter a 25 digit product key which is to be redeemed on the Xbox 360 via the Redeem Code option on the dashboard.

Microsoft is preparing the Fall 2011 dashboard update by registering preview testers consoles to the Xbox LIVE update preview connect portal. The registration allows the preview testers to send Microsoft information about their Xbox 360 console, such as the Console ID and serial to add the console to the update database.

The preview is set to launch within 1-5 business days, which could mean that Microsoft is almost ready to release the dashboard in full either later this month or the next. The new dashboard is set to include brand new features such as Metro UI design, YouTube, Live TV and more.

Microsoft announced the new Xbox 360 Dashboard at E3 earlier this year, and launched preview registrations last month. The preview registrations we’re overwhelmed by 1000’s of signup’s, so the company had to close the registrations within 24 hours.

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