Microsoft begins pre-downloading Windows 10 on reserved PCs

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

Microsoft has started pushing Windows 10 out to PCs in preparation of its July 29th launch tomorrow. Those who reserved their free upgrade will begin to pre-download the bits today, and many in the United States and other areas have already started receiving the pre-download.

Some eagle eye’d users have found that the GWX folder is now filling up with Windows 10 bits, and many already have the .ESD which contains the entire Windows 10 operating system for installation starting July 29th. It was revealed a couple of months ago that Windows 10 would automatically be pre-downloaded before the launch date to avoid day one server struggles.

The pre-download appears to be happening automatically with no prior warning, so don’t worry if you’ve not noticed anything different yet.

Microsoft recently finalized a day one patch for Windows 10 which will be applied during the upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The day one patch features over 1GB of improvements and fixes, making the operating system more stable. What are your thoughts on Windows 10? Leave them in the comments below.

Thanks for the tips, everybody!