Microsoft becomes device partner with new digital streaming service VRV

Ellation Media, the company behind the anime streaming service Crunchyroll, has just announced a brand new project named, VRV, and Microsoft has been named as device partner.

In addition to Ellation Media’s own Crunchyroll, brands such as Nerdist, Frederator, Geek & Sundry, Roosterteeth, and Seso are also on board with others expected to join before the public launch at an unspecified time later in 2016.

Unlike similar services like Netflix and Hulu, subscribers will be able to customize their subscription service based on their own interests. For example, a user may only wish to pay a fee for Cruncyroll and Nerdist content and not watch video provided by other companies.

A free option will be available but companies are being encouraged to produce exclusive content for VRV which will only be available to paid subscribers. VRV won’t restrict those who are providing content for the service though with most being given the option to release their VRV-exclusive content on their own channels after a yet-to-be-decided period of time.

The VRV service will also apparently support third-party logins as explained in a post on the official Roosterteeth website. “First and foremost, this will give everyone, especially Sponsors, a way to view all of the Rooster Teeth content you can currently access on our website and mobile apps on practically any platform – including game consoles,” they explain. “If you’re already a Rooster Teeth Sponsor, you will not have to pay anything additional to access Sponsor content this way. It’s simply a new added benefit for you. You can log into Rooster Teeth on VRV using your existing Rooster Teeth username and password. Also, if you’re not a Sponsor yet, you can sign up for Rooster Teeth on VRV, and your new login information will then work directly on and our Rooster Teeth apps. You will also be able to take advantage of the other Sponsor benefits on our website and store, such as access to livestreams and the 5% store discount. The logins are completely cross-compatible! Now you’ll be able to access your favorite shows from all of RT on almost any device you can think of, and you get to keep all the other benefits of being a Sponsor.”

VRV smartphone app
VRV smartphone app

Dallas Middaugh, Head of Brand and Community at Crunchyroll, also emphasised that Crunchyroll would continue to function as normal and that VRV would simply be another channel for a different audience to discover their content. He also mentioned how the streaming service would seemingly launch on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles first. “VRV will be available on web, mobile, and living room devices,” he reveals. “Microsoft serves as a device partner, with VRV available across Xbox at launch.”

More precise details on the rollout of the service have yet to be revealed but those who are interested in it can sign up for early access on the VRV official website. Note that it is currently only available for U.S.A. consumers.

Are you interested in yet another streaming service or are you fine with the current options available to consumers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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